Là-Bas(s) Communion


Mini CD in Cartin-Sleeve (neko 14) - NEKOFUTSCHATA

Rare Mini-CD release dated 2004.

First part of a Mini-CD Series.
That album contains some musical parts taken from a forthcoming Novy Svet album titled 'Desde Infiernos De Flores'.
Throughout these seven short tracks, Novy Svet explore a different musical style.
With the assistance of their friends, Demian/Ô Paradis, Flavio Rivabella/D.B.P.I.T., Tristan Sasao/Unidad Sasao…, they manage to deliver a recording 'that at the same time transforms all the black energy into something new and (en)lightening.

Weber's spoken words are progressively combined with some field recordings (crickets) and a drawn out melody played in the background by the trumpet, rhythmed by soft percussions or dissonant trumpet notes mixed with spoken words and multiple field recordings.
Throbbing male vocals and hammering background percussions or whispered male vocals, percussions and the constant vinyl cracking sounds…
The unique sound mesh that only Novy Svet can deliver.

The mcd has an intriguing cover painting by Ricard Recio.
A name that may sound familiar to some of you since he had already provided some superb graphics in the past for the Ô Paradis album 'Serpiente de Luna de Luna Serpiente de Sol'.

1  Escafar 2:20
2  De Operatione Daemonum 4:08
3  The World, The Flesh & The Devil 2:56
4  Tortura 1:34
5  Joan Of Arc 1:47
6  Là-Bas (Demon Down) 2:33
7  Hoodooloop
This is rare!
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