Le Mal Des Ardents



LA BREICHE ("the witch") features two well-known musicians: Arexis and Lafforgue of Stille Volk - a band best known since 1994 as one of the pioneers of Pagan Folk in Europe - and of Pagan Black French band Sus Scrofa.
"Le Mal Des Ardents" ("Holy Fire") is a concept album about fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism.
The album marries minimalism, purity, a fine approach and ancient instruments: traditional music (hurdy gurdy, shawm, polyphonies, percussion, gongs), the gloom of oppressive dark ambient, the slow pace of ritual music, wavering between modernity and archaism.
Voices rise towards beauty, lifting it away from some occult mud.
Holy Fire takes us back to a forgotten world - a primal, ancient, wild and free world, pervaded by secret dances of sorcerers', unfathomable forests, remote and lifeless places.

1  Le Mal Des Ardents 4:38
2  La Nef Des Fous 6:46
3  Apôtres Du Chaos 1:53
4  Froide Lune 5:46
5  Enfers 8:04
6  L'Oracle Du Soleil 3:37
7 L'Antre Du Pesteux 7:13

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