Live in Leipzig


CD Digifile (DV67) - DARK VINYL

BLACKHOUSE are the grandfathers of Industrial and as most fans still say: the tracks from their first 3 albums are their best tracks ever…
After 31 years BLACKHOUSE live world premiere took place in Leipzig 2015.

01.  The Blackhouse Hum
02.  Five Minutes after I Die
03.  Marsh Power Plant
04.  Answers for You
05.  Speaking in Tongues
06.  #11
07.  The Mercy Seat
08.  The 2 Classes of People
09.  Pro-Life
10.  Cheers Reign Down On Jonny

Plus 5 Extra Tracks:
11.  Be Good!
12.  Whispers of Love
13.  Remember Who Took The Falkl
14.  Repent!
15.  Totally Gone

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