Love's Secret Domain (Golden Vinyl)



The 3xLP Golden Vinyl Edition.

In 1991 Coil released the third of their early classic full-length albums "Love's Secret Domain", seemingly casting aside the gloom and funereal beauty of its predecessors in favour of a painstakingly multi-layered hallucinogenic electronic beast, which unlike some of their fellow ex-industrial contemporaries' releases of the time wasn't an attempt at easy accessibility or (the-gods-forbid) danceability, but a vibrating psychedelic masterpiece unrivalled in their discography and still a landmark album.

To mark its 30 year anniversary Infinite Fog are beyond proud to present an expanded, fully remastered re-release of this fan favourite available for the first time ever in its entirety on vinyl with 10 rare and mostly unreleased tracks and alternative versions from the period added as a bonus to a luxurious 3LP/2CD set.

Love's Secret Domain contains among its many highlights the Lynchian William Blake tribute of its title track and the intoxicating single "Windowpane", original versions of the later Coil live staple "Teenage Lightning" and the majestically warped classicisms of "Chaostrophy". Marc Almond guests on the typhonian "Titan Arch" and This Heat's Charles Hayward provides some amazing drum stylings.

This album produced by Coil & Danny Hyde is pushing their sound ideas and probably their sanity to their very limits. Beyond the iconic Steven Stapleton cover art here reproduced in unseen definition the doors of perception still open wide for both long-term Coil aficionados and new-comers to this supremely innovative release to explore unknown depths. The long-overdue re-release illustrates how far ahead of the curve Coil were with the sounds on this album, which still sounds as fresh and mind-blowing as it did back in the early 90s.

01. Disco Hospital
02. Teenage Lightning 1
03. Things happen
04. The Snow
05. Dark River
06. Where even the darkness is something to see
07. Teenage Lightning 2
08. Windowpane
09. Chaostrophy
10. Further back and faster
11. Titan Arch
12. Lorca not Orca
13. Love's secret domain
14. Disco Hospital (Unedited)
15. Teenage lightning(gtr)
16. Snow (demonic apollo a version)
17. Dark River (alternative ruff from point studio mix)
18. Teenage lightning (various)
19. Further back and faster (didgeridoo)
20. Snow (demonic apollo b version)
21. Carvers And Gilders (Chaostrophy)
22. The Dark Age Of Love (Balance)
23. Love's Secret Domain (Early Instrumental)

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