Peak Experience


CD Digibook (IF-32 ) - INFINITE FOG

Special 25th anniversary edition of Maeror Tri's 1st official album.
On "Peak Experience", the masters of guitar-oriented Drone music were still quite noisy and expressive.
Industrial collages break through the already recognisable transcendental drones.
"Peak Experience" was released on cassette in 1989 in two slightly different versions in Germany and U.S.A.
All material was recorded in 1988 and 1989 on an analogue 4-track.
A re-mastered re-issue on CDR came out Blade Records in 2005.
This is the first time on CD.
Comes in a luxury hardcover digibook.

Tracklist :
1 My Electrocution 9:12
2 Sneaking Movement 2:34
3 Sensory Deprivation 4:18
4 Cursed Colours 2:44
5 Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head) 10:27
6 Talita Kum! 5:07
7 Translucent Vault 5:59
8 Wovoka 4:04
9 The Threat 5:16
10 Endless Space 4:04
11 The Last Perception 4:20

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