Raise Your Paw To The Sky And Break The Truce


CD Soft Digipack (FM 07) - FINAL MUZIK

Second Mariae Nascenti's long awaited full length album on Final Muzik !
Produced by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen), “Raise...” is without any doubt the best ever recorded work of Mariae Nascenti:
pain, loneliness, immagination, dreams, blood, souls and flesh collide together in this emotional wonderful album.
You can file it under (some) Coil or Current 93 early recordings, or it could remind you a few N.W.W. song-oriented chapters.
“Raise...” develops though vital energy a devastating tabula rasa of feelings, through another-dimension melodies, “found” songs, silences, sudden spoken texts,
obscure nightmare soundtracks and cold nocturnal music for black'n'white memories.
Featuring musicians from Larsen, Northgate, Blind Cave Salamander, Femina Faber / Ludmila, DsorDNE, and many, many other artists and Ango's friends ...

1 Blood Runs Through My Veins But I'm Not Sure Or Count Three And Slice My Throat, C'mon It's Easy 1:51
2 (Maria) 0:12
3 These Giddy Memories Ruin Me And My Sleep Or This Is A Letter I've Never Sent 6:03
4 Dagger 3:34
5 Everything Is Fine But Me Or The Kindness Of Your Touch 3:51
6 Holding Gessica's Halo In My Hands I Feel Less Unhappy Or Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark To The Clouds 2:11
7 Remember To Forget Or O'Spanteco Dint O'Core 4:51
8 Amavo Addormentarmi Sulla Tua Pancia E Respirare Al Ritmo Del Tuo Respiro Or There Are Things You Can Leave But You Cannot Lose 1:21
9 (Grazie) 0:50
10 The Story Of The Sad Bear, The Meek Hunter And The Pale Spark Or The Story Of The Deaf Bear, The Silent Hunter And The Blind Spark 7:55

Video The Monster's Fade Eyes 8:11

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