Across The Empty Night


CD Digipack (FM 11) - FINAL MUZIK

APART is the music project by Francis M. Gri, “Across The Empty Night” is his official debut, though he already released a few private demo CDs.
Francis has been member and co-founder of well-known ethereal Italian act ALL MY FAIT LOST, until “In A Sea, In A Lake, In A River...” band's official first release.
His debut album develops into new influences and sound structures.
The songs alternate male and female vocals (by Viola Roccagli of All My Faith Lost...), building a bridge between the past ethereal music sounds and a new somptous identity.
Fans of obscure dark and etehreal sounds, cloudy postrock and of course "All My Faith Lost" music will 100% love this album.

1 Third Dream 5:04
2 My Silence 6:10
3 Indifference 5:45
4 As A Child 4:57
5 Another Lie 5:46
6 Ashes 5:41
7 Scarlet Night 6:21
8 Fragile 6:19
9 Fading Tears 10:14

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