Limited Edition 150 copies

Long awaited full length CDr album by Mushy, the girl from Rome.
Mushy is well-known in Italy for her live concerts and for an older CDr on Cold Current label.
“Superfetazione” shows / expands her genuine interest and work on early 80's industrial music scene, shadowy electronics and vocal experimentation, mixing together anxiously all these influences though a deep soundtrack, where everyday life and paranoia walk hand in hand, nervously.

Limited edition of 150 copies in fold-out cover.

1 Pinzimonio 0:54
2 Omofagia 4:00
3 Riformatorio 4:08
4 Heinz Cibulka 4:24
5 Ansiarmonia 15:28
6 Respiro 4:08
7 Dietro L'Innocenza 10:50
8 Ultima Ratio 7:02
9 Per Un' Ultima Volta 4:08
10 My Dear 2:21

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