CD-R Jewel Box (16MB016) - EES'T RECORDS

Floating gorgeous abstract ambiences.
All tracks are long and monotonous drones, electronic loops, creating a dense field of sonic harmonies.
Maurizio Bianchi explores with imagination physical organic sounds, alternating electronic circular sounds with superpositions of textural abstractions, interferences...
The hypnotic loopings created for the occasion are impressively effective, most part of time really dark and creepy.
A hauntingly and visceral collection of sounds with deep bass drones.

1 M-Cycle (Gekkei Mensu) 8:39
2 E-Cycle (Densikoogaku) 8:05
3 N-Cycle (Sinkei Keitoo) 8:48
4 S-Cycle (Kagaku Teki Na) 8:12
5 T-Cycle (Kami) 7:38
6 R-Cycle (Rentogen-Syasin) 8:39
7 U-Cycle (Utyuu No) 8:36
8 A-Cycle (Kookogaku) 8:27
9 L-Cycle (Kenkyuusitu) 6:25

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