Symphony for a Genocide

M.B. [Maurizio Bianchi]

Music Cassette (PPT-05) - PINK PISS TAPES

Limited Edition 50 copies

Fifth tape out on the Italian label "PISS PINK TAPES" run by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.

The re-release of the Magnum Opus by M.B. Maurizio Bianchi.
This album is without doubts a mile-stone in the history of Industrial music.
Symphony for a Genocide was first released in 1981, therefore this is a sort of 40th anniversary re-edition.
Seven tracks refered to the names of seven Polish concentration camps during WWII.
Atrocity, organised chaos and shrill noises accopained by a constant rythm:
The perfect soundtrack to a Genocide.

Visionary Metamorphoses Art-Work by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.
Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies with full printed tape-body and double-sided printed cover.
Exclusively distributed through OLD EUROPA CAFE

A1  Treblinka
A2  Auschwitz
A3  Maidanek
A4  Auscwitz (Reprise)
B1  Belzec
B2  Chelmno
B3  Sobibor

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