Last X Hours



The Italian duo Medusa’s Spell is back with their second album after the "Mercurial Behaviour" released on Cold Meat in 2006.
"Last X hours"is also a conceptual album, this time following the ten last tragic hours of a woman who stands accused for witchery.
Ten songs, each representing one hour of her last ten in life, from the moments of the trial, - when her body is completely exhausted from pain - until her mind resigned to her fate of death.
The lyrics of the first and the last song is a curse! - the true words spoken by a woman falsely accused of witchery and condemned to death in 1428.
The witch of Medusa’s Spell is however a symbolic woman representing all women condemned as witches.
By infernal torments and torture her mind and tongue slowly converts to the Devil…and her voice becomes finally the voice of the Devil.
Medusa’s Spell has again created a genuine accoustic ritual dark-folk concept.

1. Prelude
2. Why don't you help me?
3. Black hair
4. Seven hours to execution
5. Six hours to execution
6. Five hours to execution
7. Four hours to execution
8. Three hours to execution
9. Grazia Plena
10. Execution

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