Pulse Demon


CD Holographic Digifile (OECD 333) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • 2. Woodpecker no.2
  • 3. Spiral Blast
  • 6. Tokyo Times Ten
  • 9. 326 Pulse

PULSE DEMON probably is the most iconic, most representative and best known album in the JAPANOISE scene and MERZBOW discography.
This is the edge of music and sound, here you enter a new dimension made of POWERFULL NOISE.
Recorded in 1995 and first released in 1996 on the US label REPLAPSE, this album was re-released several times in both, CD and Vinyl formats.
This is first time in which album was completely re-mastered by Masami Akita for CD re-release with the addition of an exclusive bonus track taken from the original PULSE DEMON recoding session (the original DAT) and never used up to now.
Album comes in a six panel digifile presenting the lavish original and very psychedelic holographic-waves-art-work.


Here some notes on this album by the maestro:
Pulse Demonは過去2回再発されているが、今回初めてリマスターを自分で行った。
ている。それぞれのDATはPulse Demonで使用した音源以外のものも含んでいた。
トラック6と7が一番後の録音である。Pulse DemonはRelapse Recordsからの2
に比べ、Pulse DemonはよりMerzbowの自然体で作っている。私がEMSシンセサ
*** MASAMI AKITA (2023)


1. Woodpecker No.1
2. Woodpecker No.2
3. Spiral Blast
4. My Station Rock
5. Ultra Marine Blues
6. Tokyo Times Ten
7. Worms Plastic Earthbound
8. Yellow Hyper Balls
9. 326 Pulse (bonus track)

All Music By Masami Akita
Recorded & Mixed at ZSF Produkt, Tokyo October-November 1995
Remastered at Munemihouse, October 2022
Special thanks go to Relapse Records

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