The Lampinak


Music Cassette (OEC 121) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 149 copies

To be released in October 2019
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THE LAMPINAK came first out in 1982 on Merbow's own label ZSF Produkt in a small edition.
Since than, this tape was never re-released in its entirety (a couple of tracks are available only on the "Merzbox") and is is much sought after.

Finally OEC is re-releasing such tape in 149 hand-numbered copies.
Special Yellow Cassette with full printed body / Special Yellow-Case / Special Yellow-Cover / Special Yellow Muzak...
Handanumbered eidition of 149 copies.

All sounds by Masami Akita using metals, loops, voice, percussions, flute, chains, cymbals, effects, ritual orchestrations and chants.
Recorded and mixed at ZSF Produkt - August / September 1985
Remastered at Munemihouse June 2019

A1. The Lampinak
A2. Serpent Power
A3. Live At House
A4. Carcass On The Floor
A5. Village of 8 Graves

B1. 5th Innocent Victim
B2. Zykle
B3. Invocation
B4. Nym Ma Pa

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