I : Baphomet



Metaorganism was conceived — or discovered — in Kuuskulma studio while conducting various experiments with sinewaves, oscillators and feedback.

Metaorganism is based on — or communicates through — a network of digital and analog devices that transmit information to each other, back and forth. In the system, a minor change in a suposedly insignificant parameter may unexpectedly change the overall course of the sound. Everything affects everything — as above, so below...
At some point in its development the system will reach a state of balance where it seems to become self-reliant — independent, evolving — and in a sense communicating entity which becomes conscious of itself. The Manifestation occurs, through sound.
A series of recording sessions were held, with the attempt to experiment with the system to serve certain 'hermetic' purposes, to influence the nature of Manifestation, ie. what exactly is invoked in/through the sound.

I:Baphomet is the first in what is being planned as a series of Metaorganism audio documents.
Produced by Niko Skorpio for Some Place Else.
Black CDR with pro-printed insert card.

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