Id|entities + Ten [Limited Edition]


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This edition of the "Id|entities" CD contains the exclusive "Ten" CDr album that was included only with pre-orders, only a few where made !

CDr description :
"Bits, pieces, unreleased tracks and reworks: ten years of Ovrian existence tour." T
his little compilation covers a decade's worth of works that haven't appeared elsewhere at all, have only been part of live performances or are previously unreleased versions of released material.
This isn't an all-inclusive release of said material, nor a "pick the very best", but a tour including misses.
The compilation is a bit heavy on the early material, as that's where there is truely previously unheard material to be found.

CDR Tracklist :
1 Ovros 03:31
2 Rauhoitu 03:00
3 Concrete Relics 04:37
4 Malice's Bomb 00:57
5 Inducer 05:35
6 ...Nor Way 02:06
7 IO Khaos 05:15
8 General PanIck 02:47
9 Invocation 03:50
10 Summoned I Summon 05:09
11 Compulsus 05:34
12 Vorpal Angel 02:22
13 Rotting Ill Fates 04:27
14 Tiedosta 08:43
15 Diesel 120 4by4 Long 06:56
16 Intro 03:12
17 Piggies 04:44

Cd Description :
Id|entities took a LONG time to finish, at times with almost a year of not touching a track in between bursts of downright monomaniac activity.
It all began with a sudden urge to start collecting samples: ”Go forth and sample!”.
Not only usual field recordings, but samples from movies.
Some were recorded straight from TV when the movie was on, some were nicked from movies in our DVD collection.
There are bits from good movies, from bad movies, famous movies, obscure movies and everything in between – but all more or less from the horror et al genre (I wonder how that happened, heh).
Sitting on quite a collection of samples, the idea of the forthcoming album’s concept started to take form: stories told by individuals (from latin, individuus, indivisible) – or perhaps by personalities existing within just one or two bodies.
Some bits of older, unused lyrics from Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea work files found their home on this album and also shamelessly took stories told by uknown people, gave them an ovrian twist and made into a song.
A bunch of stories told by different personalities.
Whether the stories told are true, or just true to the one(s) telling them is left to the listener to deside.
Whether there are one story-teller, or several – the same thing applies.
Treat the whole as different side of one story and try playing them in different order to see if the story changes ...

CD Tracklist :
1 Prediction 03:59
2 Caustic 04:37
3 Trust 04:28
4 Fate Dealer 04:18
5 Interrogation 02:06
6 Loonies 03:50
7 Blank Years 02:51
8 Loner 04:31
9 Addict's Interlude 03:47
10 Absent 03:56
11 Underdog 03:34
12 Metamorphosis 04:07
13 Know Thyself 05:03
14 Shut-off 04:14
15 Silence 08:15

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