Mosaick The Serpent / Vipera Aurea


CD in small foldout sleeve (SPECD06038) - SOME PLACE ELSE

This Ovro album consists of two distinct parts, each independent yet linked to each other.
Ovro started working on Mosaick the Serpent already in late 2003.
In the early stage it was to become an independent EP.
Meanwhile, a companion EP started to take form, namely Vipera Aurea.
These two EPs, Mosaick and Vipera, are twins – independent yet entwined like the snakes of a caduceus.
They support and compliment each other and form a new whole, a third being that contains both its makers and in itself is something more.
Vipera Aurea is ´coagula´ to Mosaick the Serpent's ´solve´.

Some of this material has been performed on Ovro's live performances in 2005/06.
Those lucky to have witnessed any of these will know the album is calm yet intense, vocal-flavoured Dark Ambient mindscapes in the highly regarded Ovrian style.

Mosaic the Serpent / Vipera Aurea features contributions from Massimo of Black Sun Productions, Niko Skorpio and Mockingwyrd (Kaaos in Eccentris etc).

1 Primogenitural Echoes 3:28
2 Second Momentum 3:46
3 Equation Impossible 4:44
4 Differentiation Irrevocable 4:39
5 Delusions Of Grandeur 2:27
6 Statement Of Inexistence 3:28
7 Untitled 0:06
8 Untitled 0:04
9 Untitled 0:04
10 Untitled 0:06
11 Glossolalia 4:02
12 Scarlet Calls 4:27
13 Vorpal Angel 3:14
14 Mortal Strangers 3:16
15 Summoned I Summon 7:19
16 Freed Beast 3:09

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