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7" Vinyl (DR-93 ) - DRONE

OVRO has already been called "the wondergirl of Finnish experimental music" and with this, her first ever vinyl-release, she really proves this!
On HORIZONTAL / VERTICAL deep waving droning noises are set against vortexing echoes & swirling digital effects, derived from what could be instrumental sources or object recordings, moving the willing listener into a surrealistic subconscious dimension. Especially on the second side the contrasting conrete material can fill your imagination with "something" that "happens", so captivating & condensed!
This music spreads like an unconscious aural travelogue in different spatial directions (horizontal & vertical).
What makes OVRO so special is her capability to create very "cinematographic" and "narrative" drone-atmospheres or landscapes, with great care for even tiniest details.
A subsconscious Drones-Travel.

White vinyl.
Handmade covers pasted up with Newspaper-Sheets and Filmstrips.

6.00 €
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