Morceaux De Choix


CD Super Jewel-Box (Aussaat 03) - AUSSAAT

35 years ago, LE SYNDICAT began sculpting sounds with a particular creative perspective.
Although historically affiliated to the nascent musical movements of the 80s (post-punk, Power electronics, Japanoise, the second wave of industrial music), its brutal, fierce, immediate and multifaceted  nature has never really been part of any particular "musical" style or genre.
Le Syndicat & Entre Vifs continue to create music that cannot be defined by set perimeters, music that goes beyond that which is commonly known as improvisation.

This process, which we call "reflex piloting", integrates the loss of control and the surprise of generative errors, creating new unexpected sound forms.
Thanks to specialized tools and adequate training, this process creates abstract, free, wildly unpredictable adventures in sound, even for the musicians (operators) themselves.

Having produced widely varied musical works of electronic music in the course of several decades, Le Syndicat now begins a new chapter in its development with the debut of a new duo, "Le Syndicat Faction Vivante".
While mainly intended for live action, the new group performs in the studio with the same tactics and intense spontaneity . 

The vast range of our tools, some extremely modern and others totally home-made, allows us to spontaneously develop a multitude of sound forms that exist outside the restrictions of conventionally improvised music.
Thanks to this equipment and to the intensive practice, we have undergone through several decades, we can free ourselves of all our inbuilt cultural restrictions and accept what can exist in the flow of sound and silence.

The Compact disc "Morceaux de Choix" is a collection of archive performances, culled from numerous sessions, recorded during our intensive sessions.
These extracts were carefully selected and remain unedited and void of added effects. They are, in a way, an aural museum of our sound curiosities which have been invented in performance during these last three years.
- Le Syndicat 2017 -

01 Rogue 8:37
02 Opiniatre 5:03
03 Eargasm 4:01
04 Alarmique 5:33
05 Pente en Force 10:32
06 Hahicru 2:33
07 Engrenages 2:43
08 Réplique 8:03
09 Papillons de Fer 8:51
10 Chanson Drole 2:33

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