Muslimgauze vs Celtarabia


CD Digipak (aquarel 58-21) -

Limited Edition 300 copies

"In the winter of 1996 (Saturday 17th February 1996) World Music band Celtarabia played a sell-out gig at Slaithwaite Civic Hall in West Yorkshire with support from Psychedelic DJ Simon Scott of Tandoori Space Records in Leeds and were joined on stage by Bryn Jones who joined them in their set playing a Darbuka with his painted red hands signifying his support for the Palestinian people.
Reggae Producer John Bolloten (The Rootsman) was also there and a great time was had by all on stage and afterwards.
At the end of the gig Quentin Budworth gave Bryn Jones and John Bolloten a copy of the band’s first CD ‘The Lost Music of Celtarabia’ with some very interesting results a series of collaborations leading to the recording of The Rootsman Meets Celtarabia ‘Union of Souls’ album with John and the arrival of a mysterious DAT tape in a plain brown envelope sent directly to John Bolloten at the Third Eye Studio of Celtarabia tracks remixed by Bryn Jones directly from the album – extremely gritty and fierce the recordings are direct from Bryn’s Studio and strangely beautiful.
Reflecting the bitter reality of life in Palestine far removed from the dreamy orientalism of the original Celtarabia Tracks.
The tracks are all remixes of “The Lost Music of Celtarabia” tracks."
*** Quentin Budworth

1.  The Angel (Muslimgauze Remix) 3:44
2.  Straddle The Speaker (Muslimgauze Remix) 3:55
3.  The Angel (Muslimgauze Remix 02) 4:35
4.  Bedlam (Muslimgauze Remix) 4:57
5.  Life (Muslimgauze Remix) 2:07
6.  The Angel (Muslimgauze Remix 03) 5:04
7.  The Angel (Muslimgauze Remix 04) 2:26
8.  Stepping On Shadows (Muslimgauze Remix) 4:36
9.  Life (Muslimgauze Remix 02) 3:26
10.  The Angel (Muslimgauze Remix 05) 4:31
11.  Life (Trial Mix) 3:38
12.  The Angel (Trial Mix) 4:56
13.  Stepping On Shadows (Tral Mix) 2:37
14.  The Angel (Trial Mix 02) 2:38
15.  Bedlam (Trial Mix) 1:4

Tracks 1-10 taken from DAT obtained by Quentin Budworth in 1996.
Restoration and mastering by Igor Potsukaylo.

Tracks 11-15 previously released as a part (tracks 12 - 16) of digital album "Trial Mixes 1997 - 1998" by Digital Dizzy in 2014.
Originally intended as a cassette-only release for Dizzy Positivity Recordings in 1999.

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