NECROPHONIX [Collaboration by Lunus /Teatro Satanico and N.]


Limited Edition 99 copies


  • Necrophonix 01
  • Necrophonix 06
  • Necrophonix 07
  • Necrophonix 09

The album starts with a siren, a scream, then the noise breaks into energy beat that jumps onward into a sort of alien techno.
Obsession and repetition become valuable structural affinities for this unexpected collaborative project shared by two masterminds of Italian post-industrial noise scene:
N. aka Davide Tozzoli also well known for his releases on Slaughter Production the label run by Marco Corbelli / Atrax Morgue, check out following site for more infos on N. (www.boringnoise.com) and LUNUS or LVNVS aka Devis Granziera of Teatro Satanico (www.teatrosatanico.it).
Beyond the sound, into the Death, back to the doomed reiteration of birth, and then Death... again...
NECROPHONIX (a possible reference to Atrax Morgue can be perceived throughout the entire album as both guys were close friends of Marco Corbelli) is a collection of drums and noise loops that are here invoked in circles, and then get droned and melted into pure annihilation.
Handnumbered edition of 99 copies.

Tracklist :
01. Necrophonix 01 6:06
02. Necrophonix 02 4:09
03. Necrophonix 03 2:07
04. Necrophonix 04 5:33
05. Necrophonix 05 2:50
06. Necrophonix 06 5:39
07. Necrophonix 07 6:50
08. Necrophonix 08 5:32
09. Necrophonix 09 3:09

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