La Supplica

NECROPHONIX [Collaboration by Lunus /Teatro Satanico and N.]

Music Cassete Slip-case (OEC105 ||| SS713-6) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 44 copies


  • La Supplica: sample 1
  • La Supplica: Sample 2

NECROFONIX is Davide Tozzoli (better known as N.) and Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico / Lunus)

Audio taken from the soundtrack of "The Supplication", a movie by Tengiz Abuladze, performed live by Necrophonix during the fifth edition of "Blu - Acquology. Oceano Interiore. MarTe" film festival edited by Massimo Indellicati
Recorded live at Teatro Comunale "N. Resta" (Massafra, TA).

Black C40 Music Cassette with two long tracks with no titles....

This tape is a collaborative release by:
"Soundscape 713" and "Old Europa Cafe"

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