Fleisch und Metall


CD in 7" cover (SKD 17) - STEINKLANG

"Fleisch und Metall" (meat and metal) is a conceptual album, a soundtrack for a actionistic performance, done by the french Industrial act Nocturne.
The performance took place in a old, ruined factory and the 20-page booklet shows impressions from this event, as well as several artistic fotos from industrial areas.
"Fleisch und Metall" is a very organic and icecold album, sometimes reminding to early Werkbund, sometimes even to japanoise-like metall-orgies.
All in all the album is very complexly structured and many changes in music and style don't let come up any boring moments.
Nocturne also uses a lot of samples in french language and even more sirenes, saws, metal-hammerings and more machine sounds, what gives "Fleisch und Metall" the grade of a 100% pure Industrial album.
a additional 11 minute video brings You a challenging hommage to industrial work and -revoution, accompanied by a amazing Industrial soundtrack.
CD comes in 7"-sized 20-page booklet

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