CD-R Jewel Box (gg186 ) - KLANG GALLERIE

Berlin based Industrial legend NTL love limited editions.
Therefore, their brilliant new album comes out in a tiny edition of 66 copies only.
The story behind this record is quite obscure: Last year, Sea Wanton received a birthday present from some old NTL fans.
What he found, surprised not only him: the fans had made a new NTL album.
The cover, the song titles, the lyrics, everything was there.
So all NTL had to do was to create the perfect music for the themes given to them.
And that is just what they did.
The band created the soundtrack for their fans' requested album.
Rhythmic, atonal, noisy, all classic NTL ingredients are there.
A must have album for all fans of classic Industrial!
Comes as a pro-printed album.

Tracklist :
1 Mund Auf
2 Auf Station 7
3 Born Out Berlin
4 Zur Falschen Zeit Geboren
5 Wenn Die Seele Brennt
6 Märchen Vom Onkel
7 Ich Bin Der Bestimmer
8 Gruss Aus Lummerland
9 Dr. Fuku Shima
10 Erst Der Anfang

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