Now Wait For Last Year (Black Vinyl)

CAROLINE K [Nocturnal Emissions]

LP (LP/0721/070) - 4iB

Limited Edition 75 copies

Special Re-Edition on Black Vinyl / Limited to only 75 copies

"She was unique.
Had a bad time in her childhood, her later years were never comfortable.
But somehow she got an intensity, feeling of direction. Anything she didn't know, she just learnt it.
Awful history in the countryside, then in London, carrying the banner against injustices.
I was in the studio many times with her, the single mindedness.
Brilliant technician.
Long time before sampling took hold, Caroline had 4-track loops, proper innovation.
A bit insecure, had to be in a band (natural for the period) to begin, but when she got on her own, I honestly think her material is up with the best classical musicians, with rock'n'roll - just listen."
by Danny Ayers, Nocturnal Emission, husband of Caroline K.

Re-release for commemorate the 30 years since its first release.
Minimal droning ambient experiments dated 1987.

Co-released by: 4iB / Narcolepsia / Old Captain

A1  The Happening World 20:18
B1  Animal Lattice 4:49
B2  Chearth 5:56
B3  Tracking With Close-Ups 4:39
B4  Leaving 2:32
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