La Corte Del Rey Pescador + La Reina este Mala


2xCD Digipack (Tourette 007 + 008) - TOURETTE

O PARADIS is for sure one of the fastest growing flowers at the Mediterranean avant garde firmament
"La Corte Del Rey Pescador is O PARADIS’ tenth album and comes together with "La Reina Este Mala" from ESCAMA SERRADA in a limited and hand-numbered edition of 300 separate digipacks with very elegant art-works.
This special edition makes this two albums set immediately into a collectors Item.

Together with Sergio Méndez from Escama Serrada Demian has made his most jazzy album to date with even some metal guitars in “El Trono deLa Razón”.
The atmosphere is laid back and sexy as ever and there are sultry loops and backing sounds.
The baritone voice of Demian is mesmerising and narcotic.
While listening to this album it is not difficult to imagine being in the Catalonian outback’s melting from the burning heath, a little village, drink some wine and have some olives. The sun is lowering and passion is in the air.
O Paradis makes music with the sultry tension of sexual attraction.

1 - O Paradis - La Corte del Rey Pescador
1-1 El Anhelo (1:15)
1-2 La Verdad De Los Peces (5:50)
1-3 El Paraiso Perdido (3:21)
1-4 Solo Un Desierto (3:01)
1-5 El Final De Un Reino (1:48)
1-6 El Trono De La Razon (4:45)
1-7 Mi Dios (1:25)

2 - Escama Serrada - La Reina està Mala
2-1 I
2-2 II
2-3 III
2-4 IV
2-5 V
2-6 VI
2-7 VII

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