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RETARDER is Lloyd James of NAEVUS old solo project.
Different from Naevus is Retarder more toward experimental music and is mixing different genres.
First track “dancing” for example goes heavy on jazz with only piano.
“Farmer Duncan” on the other hand is most close to his work with Naevus.
This mix doesn’t make Enquiries to an easy listening but take some runs before you might appreciate this album.
To others this mix of avant garde might just be charming.
And that is what Retarder is.
Enquiries is a vivid mix, changing style almost every track.

If you like "neo-cabaret" and the new style changes coming from the neo-folk area
you should try this new act by Lloyd James.
Enquiries is a mystic album with a lot of interesting music and of course some strangeness.

1 Dancing (5:31)
2 Turn That Light Off (5:33)
3 Tongue In The Wind (5:50)
4 Farmer Duncan (5:02)
5 Dead Numbers (10:15)
6 Superman's Cave (5:09)
7 Modern Evening (7:50)
8 Chalk Is Valuable, Keep It In Your Hand (6:00)

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