Of Bedlam and Barbarism


CD Jewel-Case (None) - PHOSGEN RECORDS

Limited Edition 200 copies

After the tape on OFR, this brutalist returns with a full-length album of his very unique brand of Black Noise War Metal arson. The material presented on “Bedlam and Barbarism” is his most dark up to date, leaning towards a harsh interpretation of heavily molested and fucked up Death Industrial Noise.
Co-release with OFR

1 A Chasm Yawned 2:55
2 Predator Stare 4:42
3 Buried In Carrion 4:09
4 Cadaver Harvest 5:24
5 Heads Will Roll 4:26
6 Prey 3:40
7 Sinister Secretion 4:14
8 Of Bedlam And Barbarism 4:38

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