One Mans Hel


CD Digipack (KENHAG000006) - SCHRAGE MUSIK

6comm or PatrickL One of the founder members of Death In June, Mother Destructions Magical tribal techno during the 1990's and latterly returning to his solo project has released his final album as 6comm.
An intense mix of almost industrial Atheist rock anthems like One man Hel , Red cloak & Othila , his heavily charged multi instrument works rant against the religious monoliths of the Catholic & Muslim states, his songs some 25 years old being very relevant today as they were when originally written.
The album is split into three distinct parts - the first part of 4 songs being rhythmically heavy almost rock in sound , then second part more eccentric , experimental and the final two songs ballad in nature.
With 11 compositions of new - unreleased & reworks this album reflects the music that 6comm have been performing live during the last 3 years.

PatrickL performed his last & final she as 6comm this Summer and will be working under other project names in future.

01. One Mans Hel
02. Angel Scream
03. Red cloak
04. Othila
05. Doubt to death
06. What time is it?
07. KalashnikovVodka bar mix
08. Rosewood cuts
09. This is love
10. Twisted love
11. Dream 39

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