Oriente e Occidente

TSIDMZ [Thule Sehnsucht In Der Maschinen Zeit] e GREGORIO BARDINI


Limited Edition 100 copies

Some copies back on stock of that very limited LP.

Tibetan Bells, Eastern and Western Gregorian Chants, Mongolian throat singing, Pakistan flutes, bagpipes, Tunisian Mizwab, Sufi dhikr, martial drums, ethnic and tribal drums, speeches of personalities like Ezra Pound, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Imam Khomeyni, majestic scenarios representing, in a whole ethninc industrial opera, a picture of various identities, peoples and traditions living on the great geographic space called Eurasia.
"Eurasia" was also the title of the first Bardini's album, now totaly replayed with TSIDMZ.
All songs have been re-composed and re-playedby Gregorio Bardini and TSIDMZ during 2014.
All the flutes played by Gregorio Bardini, mixed at Tetsuo studio with final mixing by Peter Andersson.

Limited edition of 100 copies on white vinyl, also ncludes one square pin.

A1. Canto per i morti
A2. Die Sklavenmoral und die Herrenmoral
A3. Gestige Revolution gegen die Macht des Goldes
A4. Non fu l'uomo a creare il coraggio, o l'ordine, o la grazia

B1. Cicli Cosmici
B2. Tamerlano
B3. Esoteriemo Islamico
B4. Lusso e Capitalismo

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