Sterbende Satyr


CD Digipack (AB 014) - AUERBACH

Third album ! Unique German Folk & German poetry mixed up to a sort of minimal 80’s style electronics …
ORPLID's "Sterbender Satyr" is as successful a mosaic of language, music, and representing images, as were their earlier releases. Apart from almost purely acoustic, mostly guitar-based songs, however, their new release sees Frank Machau and Uwe Nolte increasingly aiming for more ethereal soundscapes.
Aside from Uwe's distinctive lyrics, it has become a cherished stable of ORPLID to include settings of classical poetry on their albums.
Uwe takes considerable pride in their interpretation of Oda Schaefer´s poem „Die Seherin“, a track that ranks with ORPLID´s most expressive works.
On this song the group collaborated with the artist Sandra Fink from Leipzig whose vocal delivery "is a reflection of the poem's archaic depths, rendered with a theatrical sensibility."

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