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2xCD Digipack (AB 052) - AUERBACH

Re-release of the first Camerata Mediolanense album including a bonus CD with rare and unreleased tracks.
Of their first three full-lengths, this is probably their weakest release, there is a struggle on this release to achieve a proper musical balance, with the band fluctuating between operatic neoclassical and pounding martial industrial in a frequently disorganized manner (and employing, occasionally, somewhat weak songwriting).
This is, nevertheless, a very solid, and excellent, album, reflecting the initial musical forrays of an incredible group of artists.

Tracklist :
1. Il Lupo 5:20
2. Notturno 5:25
3. Rosmunda 3:53
4. Steganografia 4:34
5. La Madre Cattiva 5:11
6. Esecuzione 4:38
7. Bardo, Messaggero 5:09
8. Il Ricordo Dei Giochi Delle Spose Del Vento 2:36
9. L'Eco 3:35
10. La Grande Corsa 3:50
11. La Fine Di Rosmunda 3:57
12. Toccata In Sol Min. 1:18

Bonus CD :
1. Balcani in fiamme - Aprile 1941 (live in studio)
2. Ninna nanna (versione)
3. Trilogia della Danza Magica 1: Il ricordo dei giochi delle spose del vento
4. Trilogia della Danza Magica 2: L’eco
5. Trilogia della Danza Magica 3: La grande corsa

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