Thrones (Re-edition)


2xCD Digipack (AB 049) - AUERBACH

“Thrones”, originally released in 2002, sees a special treatment.
In addition to the portrait-format Digipak including revised artwork and liner-notes, a
jam-packed bonus CD is included, containing tracks from the deleted collection of Sol Invictus rarities “The Angel”, the hidden tracks from the best-of album “The Giddy Whirl of Centuries”, the songs “Light me the Candle” and “Welcome” from the compilations “Writ in Water” and “Songs for Aliénor”, a live recording of “Amongst the Ruins” from Paris that was originally included on a compilation by “Orkus” magazine in 2003, as well as the song “Owl & Pussycat”, previously only available with the compilation “Songs for Landeric.”

CD 1
1. Gods
2. Do and Say
3. Gonesville
4. Thrones
5. Then He Killed Her
6. In God We Trust
7. Driftwood Thrones
8. The Thrill is Gone
9. No Gods
10. In the Blink of a Star

CD 2
1. In God We Trust (demo)
2. Then He Killed Her (demo)
3. The Angel
4. It's a Beautiful Day (instrumental remix)
5. In the Wake of the Wolf
6. Eve (instrumental)
7. Eve (acoustic)
8. Light me the Candle
9. Owl & Pussycat
10. Welcome
11. Amongst the Ruins (live in Paris)

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