• Nessun Maggior Dolore
  • Salve Mundi Domine

"MDXXX", Camerata Mediolanense's first official live including twelve tracks, two of which previously unreleased, taken from two concerts: Leipzig, Germany, June 2 2001 (at the X Wave Gotik Treffen) and Landgraf, Holland, August 8 2001.

Born in 1994 from the odd fellowship of young musicians active both in the classical music milieu and on the post-punk/gothic scene, Camerata Mediolanense proposes a kind of neoclassical music with strong tribal contaminations, in a blend of melody, percussion and experimentation that has rendered the band unique on the contemporary scene.
This becomes evident in its not so frequent performances, where the combination of the various elements creates a power of sound, a performing ability and an evocative quality that have rendered Camerata Mediolanense's concerts pure events.
"MDXXX" (that is "1530"), released in 1000 copies in Digipack version, is a clear if not unique evidence of this, with its rough but evocative sound, a faithful witness of the band's double performance.
• Daniela Bedeski – vocals
• Trevor (or 3vor) – vocals, percussion, keyboards, samplers
• Manuel Aroldi – percussion
• Marco Colombo – percussion
• Elena Previdi – keyboards, composition, conducting

Tracklist :
01 — Intro
02 — Nessun Maggior Dolore
03 — Salve Mundi Domine Caesar Noster, Ave
04 — La Demolizione delle Idee
05 — L’Homme Arme’
06 — Rappresentazione
07 — La Madre Cattiva
08 — Fuoco
09 — Sed
10 — Guillotine
11 — Il Lupo
12 — La Grande Corsa
13 — Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna

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