Soundtrack for an Unquiet Night



“Soundtrack for an unquiet night” is the 5th full-length work by “Cropcircle”.
Conceived as a kind of soundtrack for imaginary movies having as their main theme tormented nights, “Soundtrack for an unquiet night” partly takes some kind of distance from the dark-ambient sounds of previous Cropcircle works.
Divided into 8 tracks, the sound turns out to be somehow connected to the ‘70s noir-thriller movies classical soundtracks.
Enhanced by the wonderful voices of Daniela Bedeski (previously Camerata Mediolanense, now Rosa Rubea), and Stefania Domiziana V. (lyrical singer and yet both live and studio guest for different musical realities), and inspired to “noire” tales, this new work of the Piedmonts musical project is a heart-felt homage to those composers, mainly Italian ones, that have contributed to make old movies memorable with their music.

01. Preludio (Atlantide)
02. 27 Aprile
03. He do it Again
04. Unquiet
05. She Was Alive
06. Dark
07. Villarbasse
08. Epilogo

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