LCB [Le Cose Bianche] / SC9 [Satanismo Calibro 9]


Limited Edition 66 copies


  • Hanno Crocefisso Giovanni
  • Ne ho parlato a Francesco
  • Estate 1979

PAGAMI ("pay me" for English) is the third chapter of a blasphemous trilogy by SC9 & LCB.
GUARDAMI ("Look at me" for English) was the first and SCOPAMI ("Fuck me" for English) was the second chapter.
No need to explain much more.....

SC9 & LCB are two of the new Italian projects involved in best Italian tradition for industrial muzak.
The sounds of that album are a mixture of the Satanic rituals by SC9, the hysteric vocals of LCB and some good Italian Power Electronics.
Co-played and co-arranged by LCB and SC9.
Texts and poems by Giovanni Mori and Francesco Perizzolo.

Limited hand-numbered edition of only 66 copies.
Co-released with SoundScape 713.

1. Hanno Crocefisso Giovanni
2. Canto in Fa Diesis Diminuito
3. Pagami
4. Giovanni e la sua Pornografia
5. Ne ho parlato a Francesco
6. Lettere dalla Camera ad una Madre Malata
7. Il Tango delle Prsone Sole
8. Estate 1979

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