Pain Appendix / Black Leather Jesus


Music Cassette (NBM60TAPE) - NIL BY MOUTH

Pain Appendix (Upstate NY) meets the master of US harsh noise, Black Leather Jesus (Texas)!
What happens when you mix fierce power electronics with raw 90's-style harsh noise?
Pure, annhilated atmospheres; crushing, pummeling noise rendered in the spirit of violent perversion, extreme sex, hardcore degenerate drug-abuse; anxiety and disease.
Virulent blasts and brandishing walls of harsh noise.
Menacing, daunting power electronics.
Allmixed with rough industrial elements respective of the genres finest predecessors.
Fans of BLJ's classic 90's junk abuse mastery will be very please with project's new material, done with comparable execution.
Fans of Pain Appendix will be pleased to hear some of project's best work to-date.

Comes in a special cardboard sleeve professional printed with tons of small postcards
Grey-Metalizzed Cassette.

A1. Pain Appendix - Too Far Gone
A2. Pain Appendix - Men of Sodom
A3. Pain Appendix - Obscene Force
A4. Pain Appendix - Desanctified
B1. Black Leather Jesus -  Brute

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