PANZAR [raison d'être / RAISON D'ETRE]


OEC was since ever the home for the more harsh & batteling Peter Andersson aka Raison D'etre side projects.
OEC was releaseing the debut Stratvm Terrror CD & 2 other very acclaimed ST followers ...
Now we like to go with this new disc by Peter which will be the very last one for his other "harsh" project : "Panzar".
World War II has ended and so will Panzar ....
Including a unique live performance from the hot summer desert war 2005 and a number of early prototypes never released before.
Also included is a Panzar hit re-mix of the FOLKSTORM track ’Victory of Death’.
’Pratotypon’ contains all you need: harsh and growling electronic sounds, distorted and transformed beats, danger and blood from the battlefield. Comes in jewel case with artwork filled with early tanks.
If you have a CD-player in your armoured vehicle this is the definite music to play, or why not : "buy a TANK!"

1 Disorder 6:29
2 Gepanzert 7:18
3 Abwehr 4:37
4 Sensor 6:19
5 Panzer Disco 3:20
6 Wirbelwind 7:26
7 Ostwind 4:19
8 Hospitalium 4:52
9 Organschmerz 4:27
10 Victory Of Death 3:49
11 Transmigration 4:37

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