Farthest North


CD + DVD Digipack (57th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

Farthest North is the result of a musical collaboration between Canada's Parhelion and Australian sound artist Zac Keiller.
The idea originated while they both were treading similar thematic ground with their individual projects, mainly, that of using the far north as an artistic muse.
The end result of their effort is a record that, through the prism of its authors, focuses on capturing the essence of this extreme landscape, eschewing the romanticized and instead focusing on the stark, cold immensity and volatility of a place located at the ends of the world.
Teetering between the hauntingly sparse and the occasionally chaotically dense, the music attempts to mirror the landscape's primitive elements through its sonic interpretations, weaving together both a personal and impersonal narrative drawn from the geography, atmosphere and psychical character of one of the most forlorn realms known to men. Comes with a bonus DVD of a special collage of the album tracks set to abstract nordic landscapes for a uniquely immersive audio visual experience.

Tracklist :
CD-1 Sunless Sea 5:44
CD-2 Perfect Desolation 7:04
CD-3 Smokey God 4:31
CD-4 Abode Of Light 2:21
CD-5 Opal Sky 6:08
CD-6 In The Midst Of Eternal Ice 6:58
CD-7 Farthest North 10:25

DVD Farthest North 21:58

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