M.B. / FRAG [Maurizio Bianchi / Tunnels of Āh]

CD Digipak (4iB CD/0320/051) - 4iB

Limited Edition 300 copies

A joint release between Italian maestro Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) and Frag (aka Stephen Ah Burroughs of Tunnels of Ah).
Containing three lengthy tracks (76+ mins), each an individual entity with a quite different atmosphere, "Psychation" is best appreciated as a thematic progression across the entire album and should be listened to as a whole.
The tracks are constantly evolving and mutating pieces of angular geometry: a cascade of electronic shapes that fluctuate and shift in a metamorphosis of Musique Concrete tonal expressionism.
At times the unrelenting nature of the album is just about to break your endurance before a snatch of melodic ambience breaks through the tumult and disarray. Where "Psychation" differs from most 'noise' based albums is that it retains its granite density without descending into chaotic nonsensicality.
Despite abrasive incisive attacks of sound it retains a sense of weight, almost as if the sound is being layered as one would layer asphalt, layer after layer added and poured, over and over again in ceaseless repetition.
"Psychation" is the sound of humanity as it thrashes and drowns beneath the technologic order that it has birthed into being.

1.  Psychotic Segregation 20:57
2.  Psychation 23:20
3.  Segregotic 32:05

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