Purple Light Section Corners Feel Different World


CD Digifile (sssm-122) - SSSM

Melancholic melody and distinctive texture with nostalgic echoing from spirited bizarre collage to spiritual ambience.
A chopped voice and a layer of sampling loop intersect with  harsh sound and produce strange exoticism and psychedelia.
Melody of piano and the inorganic  noise, bizarre grooves by primitive rhythm feeling sum, It synthesized the remnants of the field sound and was reconstructed into a new sound image, Musique concrete works that make you feel the vast ocean of deep psychology and deep darkness.

1 Exploration And Seeking Part 1
2 Under The Orange Light
3 Exploration And Seeking Part 2
4 The Shadow Of A Psychopath
5 Devastated Earth After 5.67 Billion Years
6 Exploration And Seeking Part 3

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