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Music Cassette (sssm-125) - SSSM

Limited Edition 100 copies

A soundscape composed by various layers of sound creating a mysterious space and inviting you to such a different place.
This work is a reference for those seeking a doped sound born by the interaction between consciousness and senses....
Japanese Psychedelic Ambient.

J-Card printed on both sides featuing a great Psychedelic art-work plus printed cassette-body.
Edition of 100 copies including 1 Psychedelic button.

A1 The Tower Of Silence 1.
A2 Seesaw Is Crying Hard With Ears. DRD Mix
A3 Progression Of Placement And Collapse.
A4 The Tower Of Silence 2.
B1 Blood Flow.
B3 Cold Tube. Funk Mix

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