Radio Code

TOSHIJI MIKAUA (Incapacitants solo project)

CD in special package (Ushi 011) - URASHIMA RELEASES

Limited Edition 199 copies

Toshiji Mikawa started his musical activities in the late 1970 ’s and joined the legendary and notorious Japanese noise legend Hijokaidan.
In 1981 he formed Incapacitants to pursue his interest in pure noise, in contrast to the more performance art oriented Hijokaidan at that time.
Initially a solo project, later he was joined by Fumio Kosakai to make Incapacitants a duo that has been widely acknowledged for their extreme sound and intense live performances.
Still active member with both groups nowadays, Mikawa has only made very few solo works without the participation of other parties. 
Radio Code is one of the rare opportunities to hear in his own personal element.
Performed on black box electronics designed and built by Mikawa and destroyed in use.
Recorded in 1988 and released the follow year in C60 cassette on AQM, label started in 1978 and run by John Duncan.

This reissue CD in 199 copies comes with special hand made package made by plate of black foam laser engraved, black tissue paper and string. Includes an insert in special paper that replicates the original credits.

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