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Rictus was collected & produced by Olivier Moreau aka IMMINENT STARVATION and the performance artist C-DRIK.
In the early 90ies Axiome was the first musical platform for both of the artists and here they de-construct together again.
Rictus is the firstborn, which was never finished before, an unspoken chaos just started to penetrate your disfunction.
Expect and embrace the lust to fuck with dissonant noises and bombing chrunces by combining layers effectively to offer rapid distorting beats and grand drifting waves.
Unsettling emerges of grinding ambient backdrops overlaid with machine rhythmics and schizophrenic metamorphoses. a clawing sequence for your chaoticconsciousness.

1.  Sas 1:04
2.  Salve 5:57
3.  Charpie 4:26
4.  Hâve 6:30
5.  Effervescence 4:27
6.  Traque 5:46
7.  Liesse 2:13
8.  Aphte 5:34
9.  Caténaire 1:22
10.  Torve 3:19
11.  Leurre 7:03
12.  Drache 5:42

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