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Thorofon was founded in 1995, and soon developed an own easy-to-recognize style of the industrial music genre.
Their career in the post-industrial scene began with their 'maximum punishment solutions' album in 1997, followed by three full length albums and several other releases until the project ended up nine years later.
In 2010 Thorofon announced to return and performed highly regarded live actions in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
With this album Thorofon strike a new musical path oriented to renovate the artistic and musical tradition of legendary artists like Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristl and SPK whose 'flesh and steel' is brilliantly covered.
'Exkarnation' holds recent compositions with significant references to classic industrial, minimal electro and angst pop realized with today's production skills.
Economical, repetitive sequences encounter analogue beatbox grooves, enthralling electronic
surfaces and well-considered voice and sampling treatments generate hypnotic, intoxicating atmospheres on a superior level.
Based on the subjects of defleshing and the separation of soul and body, 'Exkarnation', aurally permutes the project's recent artistic state.
After their flesh figuratively has been removed half a decade ago, they return to apply new substance showing the upgraded status reached by Thorofon.

Tracklist :
1 Controlled Chaos 4:03
2 Flesh And Steel 4:26
3 Skinmelt 4:35
4 Dead Face 4:27
5 Blacklight 3:33
6 Embalmed 2:51
7 Blacksouls 3:56
8 Exkarnation 4:25
9 Flamethrower 4:26
10 Anonymous 3:07
11 Dust 6:02

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