Romance Through the Body


CD Jewel-Box (Aussaat – 19) - AUSSAAT

There are already plenty of COS releases avaiable, but "Romance ..." must be seen as the first real album by the unique project from Finland.
A work in progress since the bveginningof "Circle of Shit", now cheased to progress/regress.
"Romance..." is a concept album without a concept.
About 20th century being a Body.
Romance through the Body is Foley Art for a non-existent motion picture, yet another cliché.
It took a long time to finish the recordings and mixings of this outstanding work, presenting a varity of intense sounds.
Finlad master "Dacahaur345" brings us another load of noise & extreme sounds.
CD comes with an aditional Badge (2 different designs)

1 Kyyneleet Liukasteena
2 Johdatus 90-Luvun Ajatteluun
3 Pegging For Forgiveness
4 Fuck Of The Century
5 Pillu Paljaana
6 ABBA Revisited
7 A Body Of Work
8 God As Lubricant
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