Sanctus Equinox: Mercury Rising I


CD Digipak (WIN 012) - WINTER LIGHT

RAPOON is the well known solo project by Robin Storey, founder member of the industrial group :zoviet*france.
This album was released as celebration of RAPOON's 25th Silver Anniversary and is part of a trilogy of new work entitled ‘The Mercury Rising Trilogy’.
The Mercury Rising Trilogy will comprise of three brand new studio albums, all with exclusive material.
The albums will bring a new feel to Robin’s work, that of a more off world spacious feel, jazzy in parts with a ceremonial thread running throughout.
Each album interlinked by this feel and theme, as the titles suggest, but with each one still having it’s own unique identity.

So, here comes the first part of the Mercury Rising Trilogy, ‘Sanctus Equinox’:
What if you had created a race of sentient beings and then simply abandoned them, having no further use left for them? What might become of them and what sort of world would these replicants create for themselves, if left to their own devices?
‘Sanctus Equinox’ is a portrayal of that world, a painted landscape of the secret rites and ceremonies practiced by it’s inhabitants.
Celebrations and rituals created to overcome the sense of loss and abandonment, after being discarded by their creators, deemed to have no further worth.
Scattered across the many moons in their new solar system, they gather en masse to worship under alien skies, bathed in the fractured light of moons and suns.
Dressed in splendid costumes, they sing and dance along great winding, standing stone pathways; a procession of vibrant colours and chants moving hypnotically towards stone circles raised high to the heavens.
As the solar winds blow across now empty plains, time stands still as chants of ‘Sanctus Saves….’ echoes through the air.

Processed vocals, atmospheric pads, sub bass patterns, strings and old school sci-fi sounds all exquisitely layered to produce an album of intense beauty.
The feel is one of ceremonial celebration and ritualistic joy.
A ray of shining hope in the lives of a forgotten people.

1 Sanctus Romeo 07:35
2 We Have No One But Us 06:54
3 There Is No Help But Us 04:35
4 Approaching 05:51
5 Sanctus Saves 08:37
6 A Falling Sun 03:35
7 Sanctus Spiritus 07:08
8 A Temple Moon 05:08
9 Oh Sun... 05:31
10 This Darkest Day 06:13

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