Pátria Granítica


CD Digipack (Ahnstern 18) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

“Pátria Granítica” - Granite Fatherland - is the long awaited new album from the northern Portuguese Sangre Cavallum.
The album contains ten powerful songs combining heroic traditional music and beautiful Folk-ballads, sometimes even with a slight avantgardistic touch.
The artists perfectly play a large variety of early traditional instruments, blended with electrical sounds and mesmerizing psychedelic arrangements.
“Pátria Granítica” is a pagan journey into the world of stones of their historical homeland Callæcia and its gods, giving voice to the traditional heritage of granite warriors.
Their first album "Barbara Carmina" was released on Michael Moynihan's (Blood Axis) label STORM.

Tracklist :
1 Luras De Breu 3:21
2 A Canção Da Pedra 7:30
3 Cantilena De Pedreiros 4:19
4 Monólogo Pétreo 5:00
5 Pedra-Pátria 3:54
6 Primabera Dos Bombos De Pedra 5:35
7 Callæcia Ao Peito 2:55
8 Igrejas Derrubadas 4:38
9 Pátria Fecunda 5:47
10 Nabia Corona 5:50

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