CD Jewel Box (dmb 012) - DEAD MASTER'S BEAT

None of the album tracks can be classified.
There are no pigeonholes for that kind of sound.
Schattenspiel's former delf-designation 'Military Pop' does not fit anymore.
What is developing here is genre-transcending music reinforced with collaborations with other well-known artists.
The run-of-the-mill military drumming of the old days, the neofolk that sounds like it was made by some strumming bard boring himself to death, all of this is gone.
Only Schattenspiel remains: Soft and soulful music suddenly becoming brutal and sinister, full of fervency and inner vision.
Playful blaze meets power and sensual pleasures.
'Lichtgestalten' – just as expected – is an album showing a wide gamut of musical styles, skillfully performed, affectionately staged and handled with passion.
Featuring : Rex the Ninth, Babarossa Umtrunk, Arvorar, Hermann Kopp and Ignis.

Tracklist :
1. Der Flug des Schmetterlings
2. Thirst
3. Totenwache (over Concrete)
4. Escatological Scenario
5. Echo
6. Morgendämmerung
7. Falling Down 2010
8. Many are Called, Few are Choosen
9. Shadows
10. Sun & Steal
11. Phenomenon
12. Zerstörung
13. Mi Nombre es la Muerte
14. Falling Down

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