Night Parade

SIDERARTICA [Kirlian Camera]

CD Jewel Box (SPR 019 ) - SHADOWPLAY

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Originally released in September 2002, this was the debut-album by Elena Fossi's (KIRLIAN CAMERA) project Siderartica!
This Russian re-release contains 1 bonus-track! Elena, her brother Andrea and Kirlian Camera live-member Andrea Savelli, perform a breathless opus for lonely nights and chilly dawns.
The music of Siderartica sinks our souls in an ocean of sensitive electronic music wisely sprinkled with industrial atmospheres, frozen feelings, sweet voices, mysterious images and some interesting 'retro' touches mixed with little sounds similar to the UFO noises of some early sci-fiction movies.
The album also includes "Atmosphere", one of the best covers of Joy Division ever done!
Far from gothic cliches, Siderartica takes this song and lift it higher and higher towards a lightly and sensual heaven of emotions and sheer beauty.

1 Eintritt In Die Fabrik (1:32)
2 Night Parade (Version 2006) (4:33)
3 Atmosphere (6:09)
4 Before The Day Comes (5:12)
5 Arkhangel'sk (6:32)
6 Seasons Of The World (5:10)
7 The Fourth Ray Of Light (5:59)
8 Still For One Night (4:26)
9 Explosive Die (4:47)
10 Arkhangel'sk (Re-Mix By Lamachina) (4:12)
11 Cena Chimica (1:58)
12 Night Parade (5:27)

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