New Laws / New Orders


CD Digipack (TW 1.59) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

The return of one of the most amazing industrial acts.
Their inspiration derives mainly from Slavic melodic and harmonic systems, the album
"New Laws / New Orders" was originally an instrumental suite composed by Vladimír Hirsch in the beginning of 2000.
Later, some of this sounds was combined with some unreleased pieces recorded back in 1996-1999 and reworked to a fully new conceptual title.

SKROL majestic and uncompromising music is based on specific melody and
orchestration of contemporary neoclassical music, industrial ambient plus modern technology sounds.
This album will probably be the testament and last SKROL release ....

track list
º Article One
º Bread of Deceit
º Spiral Aura
º Dogma and Ritual
º Lex Lacerationis
º Columns
º Article Two
º Orphan Age
º The rite of Love and Death
º Agony of Faith
º Return to Chaos
º Postscript

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